F&M is road-tripping across the U.S. to meet up with some seriously successful business owners and entrepreneurs who happen to be our customers. We learn their story, so that we can share it with you. We ask about their passion- why they got into the decorated apparel business, how they put heat transfers to use, and what their advice is for those just getting into the industry. Follow us as we venture to Kansas City, MO with GOEX.

The Across America series continues in Kansas City, Missouri where our team met up with Rebecca Dunn of GOEX apparel. GOEX is a for-profit print shop that is 100% owned by the Global Orphan Project, a non-profit working for orphan prevention. Having a profitable entity allows the Global Orphan Project to provide dignified, well-paying work for families in Haiti and the U.S. This breaks the cycle of poverty that leads to "economic orphans".


You can check out their awesome organization at: http://goex.org/.