Free Birthday Clipart


FREE BIRTHDAY CLIPART: To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we’re giving away free birthday clipart to use in your designs!

  • Clipart icons are available in both one and two-color versions. Colors can also be altered to meet your design needs.
  • We sized everything to print in compliance to our print specifications so there’s no need to shrink anything, though you’re welcome to make these graphics as large as you’d like! 
  • Feel free to keep the icons you’d want to use and delete others as needed.

This Zip contains pdf, eps, and svg file formats as well as a cheat sheet you may consult when using this clipart. These files can simply be opened or copy and pasted into your preferred design program.


Not an Adobe expertLearn to design for apparel with our free online course!

Not a fan of what you see? If you’d like to create your own clipart, just keep our printing requirements in mind. Make sure you follow our Artwork Guidelines to ensure all of the small font and lines will print. 

Submit the form below for the birthday clipart:

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