F&M Acquires Air Waves Heat Transfer Division

Sunday, August 1, 2015


SECAUCUS, New Jersey – F&M Expressions announced today they have entered into an agreement to acquire the heat transfer division of Air Waves Inc.
Robert Butters, owner of F&M said, “Air Waves has a long and successful history in the heat transfer industry and I am delighted to be able to add their customers, art library, and know how to our expanding business. Following on from the merger of Green Distribution and F&M Expressions in 2013 and the 2014 acquisition of X-it! Heat Applied Graphics, this transaction expands our leadership position in the industry.”

F&M Expressions has been producing custom and stock heat transfers for the decorated apparel industry since 1981. Butters added that “Air Waves heat transfer customers will be welcomed to the F&M family offering them excellent quality product, fast turn and dedicated service.”

Air Waves continues to focus on the vast expansion of their on-demand garment printing and fulfillment solutions focused to online retailers and marketplaces. Air Waves provides rapid deployment of merchandise with minimal up-front cost and inventory risk. To learn more visit www.airwavesinc.com or email mleaventon@airwavesinc.com.


Production facilities of Green Applications include New Jersey and Virginia. To learn more about Green Applications visit fmexpressions.com. You can also visit F&M’s Facebook page for more guidance.

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