Celebrating Black History Month – Cee Mahone

Celebrating Black History Month  

Throughout the month, FM is shining a spotlight on Black-owned businesses and FM Makers that are disrupting the screen-printing and apparel decorating industry. Celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth with us as we feature entrepreneurs who continue to impact their communities and empower future generations!  

Meet Cee Mahone. Owner of Tri-city Wholesale and the entrepreneur and craft instructor behind Hustle and Crafts.  

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Why is it essential that we celebrate Black History Month?  

It is important that we celebrate BHM so that we can bring recognition to the black culture & its importance to America! 

What does Black History Month mean to you?  

BHM is a way to educate other cultures about how African Americans help advance our world today with our inventions & creativity! 

How do you celebrate Black History Month?  

I celebrate by spreading knowledge through crafting & giveaways of Black History Apparel.


Tri-City Wholesale storefront – Craft, Apparel, & Custom Printing 

Favorite Quote?  

My Favorite quote is “Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream” 

What creative project are you working on right now?  

I am working on my own entrepreneur t-shirt brand. 

How have you impacted your community?  

I have impacted my community by inspiring others from urban areas to use creativity & marketing to create a source of income that can turn into generational wealth! 

 Who are some African American leaders that have inspired you?  

 Rashad Bilal & Troy Millings of Earn your Leisure  

 What advice would you give your teenage self?  

 Stay focused, use your time wisely, & network more! 

 What has been your biggest inspiration?  

 My biggest inspiration has been my Grandparents 

 What motivates you?  

 Providing for my children 

 Any advice for new entrepreneurs?  

 I would tell young entrepreneurs to dedicate most of their free time to mastering their endeavors & network with people who are operating at a higher level than they are! 


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