Celebrating Black History Month - Meet Jontrice Robinson

Celebrating Black History Month  

 Throughout the month, FM is shining a spotlight on Black-owned businesses and FM Makers that are disrupting the screen-printing and apparel decorating industry. Celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth with us as we feature entrepreneurs who continue to impact their communities and empower future generations! 

 Meet Jontrice Robinson. Owner of Aired Out Designs.  

Jontrice is a creative spirit to her core. She started Aired Out Designs in 2020 with the goal of increasing black positivity in the t-shirt space during the COVID lockdown after being laid off from her former job.  

 Aired Out Designs creates custom pieces for clients and offers an exclusive collection of designs that Jontrice is continuously adding to. Her goal is to build a bigger audience but for now, she’s enjoying the process of watching her business’s organic growth and knowing that her followers are true and very supportive. 

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How have you impacted your community?               

 I love to be involved in events that are within the community, giving back to the community and those less fortunate is very large on my list of things to do.  

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Why is it important that we celebrate Black History Month?  

Black history is important beyond February, because of all the things that we have given to society as a culture and continue to add to everyday life, entertainment, knowledge, and technology. As a people we are resilient, and that is something to be proud of and celebrate in February, not just as a month of educating others, but to truly bask in the joy of being black and celebrating our ancestors. 

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What has been your biggest inspiration? 

 My dad has been a huge inspiration. He has been an entrepreneur since before I was born, and even though it was not an easy route, he has proven to excel and give back to the community through the years while always continuing to better himself and those around him.  


What motivates you?  

My friends and family are huge motivators they always ask me when the next pieces are coming out and keep up with my catalog. They are constantly sending me events to benefit my business and giving me opportunities or ideas. It really makes me feel supported.  


Any advice for new entrepreneurs?                            

 It is not always as fun as what people on social media make it look like, but it is rewarding. If it is your dream stick with it! Also, remember, entrepreneurs can also have jobs lol.  

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Why FM? 

I am super happy to be in this position, with a company I have used to build my line of t-shirts and other merchandise. Thank you, FM Expressions! 

Anything else you want to say? 

This has been a full circle moment from my initial jump into business, with the goal of wanting some positive black tees, to being recognized for Black History Month! It's the perfect time to re-up some of my designs! 🤎🥰 

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Get in touch with Jontrice and shop Aired Out Designs at:

Instagram: @airedoutdesigns 

Website: Shop Aired Out Designs