Last week we showed you how to create a foil distress effect using your heat press. This week we're sharing a cheap and easy way to professionally display your work in your shop or retail location. Follow this tutorial and you can make T-shirt Display Shadow Boxes for under $5 per box.


  • 1"x4"x8' Pine Board- Each board will make 2 boxes. You can substitute different widths to achieve a deeper or more shallow effect.
  • 1.5"-2" Wood Screws or Nails
  • Wood Glue
  • Staples
  • Optional Sound Proof Insulation- Recommended if you want to reduce sound in open offices or show rooms and you plan to make a lot of display boxes. Make sure you sound proofing insulation as traditional insulation will provide no benefit.


  • Drill, Hammer, or Nail Gun
  • Square
  • Box Cutter
  • Square
  • Staple Gun



Step 1 Cut the 1"x4"x8' pine boards into 11.75" pieces. You'll need 4 - 11.75" pieces per box.


Step 2 Use the square to align the two of your 11.75" pieces in a 90º angle. Add wood glue to where the boards join. Use 2 screws or a nail gun to secure the pieces together. If you are using screws, consider pre-drilling the holes to prevent the wood from splitting.


Step 3 Use the square to align the third piece of your 11.75" pieces in a 90º angle. Glue and screw/nail to secure the pieces together. Using a speed square can help you keep the pieces aligned at 90º angles.


Step 4 Add glue to each end of the 4th piece of 11.75" and screw/nail it together to form the box.


Step 5 - Optional Cut the sound proofing insulation to fit the inside dimensions of you box and stuff it in the void.


Step 6 Wrap your t-shirt around the box. Center your graphic in the display area.


Step 7 Use the staple gun to attach the shirt to the box frame. Pull the shirt tight and check the alignment of your graphic as you go to avoid skewing or or puckering the image.



Your t-shirt display boxes can be shown off on a shelf or you can hang them on the wall like a picture frame.

If you use this #HeatPressHack in your shop, we'd love to see the results. Tag us in your post on Instagram or Facebook.


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