DTF vs Screen Print Transfer

DTF vs Screen Print Transfer 

Both DTF transfers and screen print transfers have advantages and trade-offs. Understanding the difference will help you choose the right option for your print project.

When starting a printing project, it’s important to choose the right printing method. The type of printing method you choose can have a major impact on your costs and product quality. Both screen print transfers and DTF transfers need a heat press to apply them to apparel or other soft goods. You do not need to cut or weed either method, which makes for a fast, one-step application workflow.  

Screen print transfers are a more traditional way to print. Screen printing is a great printing process that has been around for over a thousand years. DTF is exciting new digital technology that is still emerging. While screen print transfers can be spot colors (1, 2, or 3 colors) or full color (CMYK + White), DTF is exclusively full color.

Where screen print transfers use plastisol ink printed through screens. DTF uses inkjet print heads to print a waterbased pigment ink.  Both types of transfers use a hot melt adhesive making them durable and easy to apply to a variety of fabrics including cotton, polyester, and cotton-polyester blends.

Basic 1 and 2-color designs should typically be screen print transfers, when it comes to full color, the quantity becomes a deciding factor. The quantity of prints is a major driver of the decision process between DTF and screen print transfers. DTF is ideal for one-of-a-kind personalization or low minimum order quantity production. Screen print transfers are more cost-effective for projects requiring 25+ units of the same full color transfers. DTF transfers print on a clear PET film and that makes placement for application a little easier than the paper used in screen print transfers. Both the paper and film are recyclable.

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