Women's History Month - Amanda Garza

Throughout the month of March and Women’s History Month –  

FM Expressions is highlighting our very own women leaders in screen printing!  

Join us as we celebrate and recognize these outstanding women leaders making a difference daily at FM – showing us authentic leadership, responsibility, and community in our industry. 

Meet Amanda Garza. FM’s Manager for the Screens Department.

Amanda has been with FM for almost 4 years now. She started on the press floor as a catcher for a few months but quickly moved to the screens department where she found her home for the last few years. She worked hard and moved her way up to becoming a lead and now manages her own crew of 7 people.  

On a day-to-day basis, her responsibilities include checking priorities and accessing what runs the press floor is expecting and the order everything runs. Amanda also makes sure the department has an ample number of screens and materials to get through the shift. She tracks reprints and damages daily and looks for any issues that may need to be addressed.  

Her team tries to keep a close eye on reprints coming back from the floor and her team always strives to keep that percentage low daily.  

Amanda says, "Quality is key to her team’s success! It's very fast-paced work and I love it. Staying hands-on and busy with my team is what makes the day go by. It's amazing to see what these guys can accomplish with a little teamwork!"

Outside of working at FM, Amanda loves to spend quality time with her 2 teenage children Hannah (15), and Joseph (17), her fiancé Anthony and their dog Nova, who is Amanda’s other child! She also enjoys taking the time to relax, cook, or just do little things around the house. Amanda is a natural homebody outside of her work. 

What is it like being a women leader at FM Expressions? 

FM is one of the few companies I've seen that doesn't have a problem promoting women in the workplace. I can't put into words how proud of the position I'm in with the company today. 

What does women’s history month mean to you? 

For me, I think it's taking the time to really appreciate women and everything they've done and continue to accomplish every day.

How has a mentor impacted your life and/or career at FM Expressions? 

I believe Dave Fitzgerald was my biggest mentor thus far. Even though he's not with the company anymore, there are many lessons that he taught me that I still carry with me.  

Tell me the importance of mentorship for women and girls. 

Encouragement goes a long way. Every woman should know their worth. Always encourage others and lift them up. Set goals, you can truly do anything you set your mind to.  

Who is a woman that inspired you at FM Expressions and why? 

Carrie Terwilliger. I mean what an amazing person. She is someone that gets the job done. She knows how to make people feel important and truly inspires every employee at FM to want to do better. She listens when you need her to but also knows how to command a room. FM is going places with her! 

What advice would you give to a woman who wants to pursue a career in apparel decoration or screen printing? 

Go for it! If you speak up, you never know where it could get you.  

Tell me your favorite quote. 

Practice makes perfect. I believe this! 

Who is your favorite woman author? 

Agatha Christie/ J.K Rowling. I'm a huge fan and read so many of their books.  

How do you support feminism and gender equality in a male-dominated workplace? 

I try to be the best role model I can be for any woman around me. They should know there's nothing a man can do that we can't. Hard work and a voice, that's all it takes!  

Who is your favorite female historical figure? 

Maya Angelo. 

Who is your role model?  

My mother. She taught me to be the independent, hard-working woman that I am today and instilled that in me from a very young age.  

How can we continue supporting other women? 

Listen first and always encourage. Some people may need more encouragement than others. It's never a competition, everyone has room to grow.  

How has women’s history shaped your life? 

It teaches me to really appreciate being a woman and everything that comes with it. As women, we really are amazing human beings!  

What have you learned from the successes of previous generations of women? 

I come from a long line of very outspoken, independent, and hard-working women. I was truly blessed to have been taught what it is to be a woman by my mother, grandmothers, and aunts. They were the first ones to tell me I can accomplish anything I want out of life you may just need to speak a little louder to get there. Never be afraid to let your voice be heard!