Women's History Month - Carolyn Seale

Throughout the month of March and Women’s History Month – 

FM Expressions is highlighting our very own women leaders in screen printing! 

Join us as we celebrate and recognize these outstanding women leaders making a difference daily at FM – showing us authentic leadership, responsibility, and community in our industry. 

Meet Carolyn Seale. FM’s Supervisor of Quality Assurance for 1st and 2nd Shift.

Carolyn has been in the printing field for 27 years. She has been with FM for 7 years and comes to us with over 20 years of printing experience. Last year Carolyn was promoted to supervisor of her team. Her goal is to set up all the jobs at each QC station, then get on her computer and look at her numbers before the team’s daily group accountability meeting. Then she begins her QC work for the day.  

Carolyn currently leads 6 team members to make sure each screen print is the best quality for our customers before sending it off to get packaged and shipped.  

Carolyn is known for her eagle eye, attention to detail, perfectionism, direct communication, and being a machine when it comes to checking each print job! Carolyn says, “I just love to work hard, nonstop.” 

Carolyn says she lives and breathes FM, but when she isn’t supervising FM’s quality assurance, she loves to be crafty and work on projects. She enjoys spending time with her 3 kids and 6 grandchildren. Carolyn was raised by strong, independent women. She credits her grandmother for her work ethic, who raised 8 children while her grandfather had to work. Her grandmother even chopped the firewood herself! 

What is it like being a women leader at FM Expressions? 

It’s been a great experience for me. I was promoted to a supervisor last year and in my previous career in printing the opportunity didn’t present itself.  

What does women’s history month mean to you? 

It shows that not only men can lead – women have proved we can also! It makes me grateful to be a woman. 

How has a mentor impacted your life and/or career at FM Expressions? 

Neda Agnew. She’s an inspiration. She’s very sweet and intelligent and has helped me understand that I can succeed if I try hard enough. She is a true leader.  

Who has been the greatest mentor in your career? 

Carrie, Neda, Mary, and Sherry – whenever I need help, they are there for me and teach me. My experience at FM has been a learning experience and I am grateful for them. Sometimes I feel like I can’t, and they have always shown me what I’m capable of.  

Tell me the importance of mentorship for women and girls. 

We need to always listen, show that we care, and provide the opportunity for women and girls to succeed. To me, it shows that someone cares that they have the potential to succeed.  

How can we better support women in screen printing? 

Give them a chance no matter what! No matter what the job is – they can do it! 

What advice would you give to a woman who wants to pursue a career in apparel decoration or screen printing? 

If you have a keen eye for detail, you can do this!  

Tell me your favorite quote. 

I always tell my grandkids, practice makes perfect.  

Who is your favorite female artist? 

Bonnie Raitt  

Who is your favorite woman author? 

Donna Ashworth 

How do you support feminism and gender equality in a male-dominated workplace? 

Always remember that women can do just about anything! They tend to be more focused and can follow through with their job. 

Who is your role model? 

Harriet Tubman. Her bravery and the way she never gave up is admirable! 

How can we continue supporting other women? 

I would say always be willing to listen, always help them and encourage them to try for a better position in the workplace.  

How has women’s history shaped your life? 

It helped guide me to where I am today. 

How do you continue to empower women and everyone you encounter at FM Expressions? 

I believe it’s important to build their confidence up and take the time to understand each person you encounter. Teach everyone the ups and downs and the importance of not giving up! 

How can we build on these successes and create a better future for all women? 

We all need to stand together!  



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